Stay the Course

I spent some time today doing promotional stuff for Into The Fire, and Odd Jobs Mysteries in general. You know the kind of thing: facebook, goodreads, amazon, etc. I was very excited at one point because I moved up on amazon from a ranking of 600,000 or so to 20,0000 or so. Wow. Yay! Then I realized I misread what I was looking at (I still moved up, but not anything like an order of magnitude). Oh. Bummer.

But that got me thinking. In general, my path here is a long term one. My goal is for writing to become something that, maybe, supports me in retirement. That is still a decade or so away for me. My goal during that time is to write somewhere between ten and twenty novels, and to enjoy the process of creation. So, why have an up or down about any given day’s number?

Which led to another thought (as they always seem to for me). Aren’t there a lot of things in life like that? We often (or I often) get wrapped around the axle about some minor (in the scheme of things) hiccup, but why should I? Most things in life are not earth shaking. They might not even be remembered in a week or a month, so why get up in arms about them in the moment? We have plenty of real turmoil in our lives, so taking an attitude of not going to turmoil over every little thing seems like it would be beneficial for me. Don’t get me wrong. I am no Pollyanna. I don’t stick my head in the sand and hope the world goes away. But, really, any thing, on any given day, should be seen as clearly as possible in its own context. And usually that means it won’t matter tomorrow or the day after.

At least, that’s how I see it today.

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