I have done many different things in my life including software programming, making some good chocolates, playing some bad guitar (not the good kind of bad), teaching martial arts, and, now, writing. My first book, Into the Fire – an Odd Jobs Mystery, was self-published (with help from some willing friends). The second book, A Dollar Short, is also available, and I am working on the third book. The mysteries are set in Colorado (mostly), and contain a cast of a few notable characters, each of whom will get the spotlight in subsequent books. I have done various kinds of writing in the past, all as an amateur, and now want to step into a more formal and professional role. With any luck, and a few loyal fans, it will support me in my retirement!

I live in Boulder, Colorado, still program in my basement, still make chocolates in my (professional) kitchen, and am well seen after by my wife and my cat (who loves to help me write by sleeping in my lap at the computer).

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