Chapter 4

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Eladio’s comm was shrilly chiming when he returned to his office.


“Hey, ‘ladio. Want to tell me what’s goin’ on with Granger?”

“What do you mean, Tina? You found something?”

“No. And that’s the point. He just dropped off the face of Mars. He logged into Hydro yesterday after lunch, but that’s the last record. He didn’t leave the lab, but Jeppesen said he isn’t there now.”

“You spoke to Mr. Jeppesen?”

“Yeah. He was snottier than usual. Maybe the storm’s gettin’ to him. Anyway, I wanted to make sure Granger wasn’t still there. What’s goin’ on?”

“Before I answer, would you expand on your statement?”

“No record anywhere of Granger after he entered Hydro post-lunch yesterday. Not his quarters, not the cafeteria, not anywhere.”

“Hmmm. Did you check the access logs for the airlocks?”

“Yes. All of them. He didn’t go outside if that’s what you mean.”

“Could you check the Hab-C airlock log for accesses between twenty-one-hundred yesterday and now?”

“One sec…. Okay. Nope, no Granger. I see logs this morning for Franklin, he went in and out a couple of times. Nothing else from last night.”

“Thank you, Tina. As you have surmised, there is an issue with Mr. Granger. I cannot offer more detail at the moment. Have we a way to determine when Mr. Granger left Hydro?”

“Not without authorization.”

“Authorization for…?”

“I could run a sweep of the camera data.”

“I see,” Eladio considered for a moment, “Very well. You have my authorization. Find any footage you can of Mr. Granger from yesterday through this morning.”

“That’s a lot of footage. It’ll take a while.”

“Yes, I am sure. Let me know what you uncover. And Tina? Keep this between us.”

“Will do. Even if you won’t tell me what’s goin’ on.”

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