Infinite Monkeys

You might note that I use the image of a monkey for my picture on this site (and maybe in other places, too!). Probably seems a little peculiar. Or affected. Or just bizarre.

But it comes from a theory (and I use the term loosely). The proper name, as far as I can tell, is the Infinite Monkey Theorem. You can get a better description (as well as the math behind it) on Wikipedia, but, essentially it states that an infinite number of monkeys, typing on an infinite number of typewriters, for an infinite amount of time will, eventually, produce the entire works of William Shakespeare. There have even been amusing short stories about this (I read one, if I recall correctly, in Analog a number of years ago).

This idea amused me, and I think of myself, sometimes, as a monkey pounding out words (or, more often, code). It gives me hope that, given enough time, I might be able to produce something worthy.

Even though I am just one monkey and don’t own a typewriter.

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