Into The Fire

Cameron Jaclyn is a regular guy. He has no special skills. He’s not a detective, a cop, a journalist, a private investigator, or anything that would help solve a crime. So what’s he supposed to do when his friend’s daughter’s body is found at the scene of an arson, and that friend wants his help proving her innocence? That’s just what Cameron wants to know.

This murder mystery is set in Colorado, and deals with suspected eco-terrorists, an unfriendly ski town sheriff, a dangerous motorcycle gang, and a very strange murder. As Cameron wanders through the twisted web of arson, murder, and cover-ups, he begins to learn new skills and gain new insights from the friends he can recruit to help him. Perhaps it will make an investigator of him yet.

  • Saved in:
  • Available: October 2016
  • Edited by: Michelle Lonsinger and Margo Toth
  • Published by: PL Hayes

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