Chapter 15

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chapter 14

At oh-two-hundred, the breach alarms went off in the Russian dorm. Suit clad people clogged the hallways, scrambling through the hatches as fast as possible, closing them behind the final stragglers.

Eladio Ramirez and Sam Franklin stepped out of a cramped supply niche, walked to Anatoly Volkhov’s door, and Sam popped the lock. Someone was pounding on the door at the back of the room. When Sam opened it, Elana Sokolov stood wide eyed and frantic on the other side.

“It’s okay, Lanie. False alarm,” said Sam.

She looked from Sam to Eladio. “False alarm? No breach?”

“Correct. But you should know, Mr. Volkhov suited up and exited with everyone else,” said Eladio.

“Want to come with us?” asked Sam.

Elana nodded.

chapter 16

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